Winding Down

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We hope that you have been enjoying your yards this summer – our growing season is long again this year and we want to keep your landscapes healthy and beautiful. As summer winds down, it’s good to think about the cooler weather to come. Soon, we will set to work putting parts of your yard to bed and waking parts of it up!

Fertilizer and pre-emergent applications will begin soon, and there are some other timely things to consider. This is a perfect time of year to add mulch to your soil. It helps to retain moisture, and the added nutrients are a benefit to your plants as we move into fall. This month we also recommend the over seeding of lawns to repair summer damage and encourage new growth.

This is also the time to compost any annuals and seasonal veggies that are done producing, and all deciduous fruit trees should be fertilized. If you have not done so already, citrus trees should get their final fertilizer application of the year.  To prepare for winter vegetables and annuals, cultivate and add compost to your soil to give it a boost. Winter vegetable seeds should be started in a cool location indoors, and if you are planning to include bulbs in your yard this year, chill tulip, narcissus, and hyacinth for 6 weeks in the refrigerator prior to planting.

Please contact us if you have questions about anything mentioned above, or any issues regarding your landscapes.

Have a great rest of your summer!!!