The frost is on the pumpkin…

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Shorter days and cooler nights signal that it’s time to get your landscape ready for the dormant season, and to prepare for next spring. The onset of fall will allow your yard to recover from our very warm summer, and that means it’s a good time to be thinking about some treatments and services for your landscape to keep it beautiful all year round.

* Now is the time for fertilizer and pre-emergent. We will be applying treatments to your trees, shrubs, and lawns. Our organic product lasts for 6 months and will not burn foliage or blooms.

* Cooler temperatures also give us the opportunity to re-seed lawns, repairing bare patches and drought damaged areas.

* Our dormant pruning will begin as usual in late November. We will be running our 1/2 off tree spray special again this year. Please let us know if you want to have this service included with your pruning.

* Fall and winter are good seasons to make improvements in your yard. If there is anything special that you have in mind for your yard this year, please call the office right away so we can get you on the schedule.