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The brilliantly blooming trees and shrubs around town are letting us know that spring is not far away! Our dormant pruning is behind us and soon we will turn our attention to the broad leaf evergreens. To prepare your landscapes for the warmer weather ahead we are applying fertilizer and pre-emergent. Our high quality granular fertilizer is safe for all your plants, and the six month time release will encourage your landscapes to reach its greatest natural beauty. I also recommend a high quality soil conditioner, rich in composted materials to give you bigger and brighter plants. Nitrogen keeps plants lush and green, phosphorus helps build strong roots, and potassium increases immunity and helps fight disease. Your plants will thank you!

We are also over seeding your lawns and adding fertilizer there, and your acid-loving plants and citrus will get pruned and fertilized as the month goes along. Soon we will have spring color annuals available – we just need to get past the threat of frost- so please be thinking about what you would like to put in your yards this year.