Dog Days of Summer

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We are truly in the “Dog Days” of summer – extra points to you if you know how that moniker came to be! Suffice it to say, it’s just plain hot!

So what’s going on in the garden? Actually, lots!!

With the extra watering needed to keep your garden hydrated, your plants might be looking a little peaked. Continue mulching to conserve moisture and control weeds. Also, be sure to fertilize camellias, azaleas, and gardenias with chelated iron or Ironite if there is yellowing between the leaf veins.

Annuals and container plants need feeding too – regular irrigation depletes them of nutrients. For continued blooms on perennials and annuals, cut off the spent flowers. Fruit trees should also be fed for better production next year, and at the end of August your citrus should receive their final feeding of the season. Be sure to clean up debris and dropped fruit to prevent brown rot from spreading.

For those of you in areas with deer, be mindful that the males are in velvet. This means antler rubbing season is coming soon! Protect any slender caliper trees with plastic guards or cages to prevent damage.

If you are planning a winter vegetable garden, seed should be started now in a cool place for all cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, winter onions, and radicchio.

A wonderful plant to highlight for these hot days is the Butterfly Bush (Buddleia). This wonderful summer-blooming plant (seen all over town) is noted for its colorful, fragrant flowers in long, arching spike-like clusters that attract butterflies and humming birds. It is a long-time favorite here at Hanson & Hanson!

Enjoy your summer – fall will be here before we know it!!