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The warm weather is here, and now is the time to get out there and enjoy your yard! The perennials certainly enjoyed the increased rain this winter, and now is their prime time to show off.

While you are relaxing and entertaining outside, your plants are working hard to be beautiful, and there are some things that you can do to help. I recommend mulch for all landscapes to help moisture retention and control weeds. It also works to reduce heat stress as the temperatures rise.

On the topic of rain, the weather predictions are still uncertain for next year so water conservation is still an important concern. Drought tolerant yard conversions are certainly very popular of late, and we have done some really great projects for our clients to help reduce water usage while creating a beautiful landscape and maintaining curb appeal.

It is a common misconception that there needs to be a total plant overhaul to conserve water, when actually it is the irrigation system that needs to be changed. Smart drip and micro-irrigation products incorporate advanced water conservation practices and technologies for enhanced landscape irrigation. With traditional overhead irrigation solutions, water is wasted through evaporation, wind overspray, mist or surface run-off. With our innovative drip irrigation products, water is applied directly to the plant’s root zone, optimizing water usage while enhancing plant beauty and health.

One problem that I notice with many of the recent landscape conversions around town is the use of decomposed granite (D.G.) in planting areas. While D.G. is great for paths, seating areas and walkways, it solidifies and causes plant materials to die. Plants need good soil with proper drainage to thrive.

A popular product with our water-wise installations and remodels has been artificial turf. We have found a great product that is pet friendly, designed to accommodate canine bathroom habits, and makes for easy clean up. Check out our gallery for some great ideas.

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